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very odd and random post

well i just thought i'd post everything that's happened since i got the boot. luckily i got all my shit minus some trash and put it all in a storage unit. stayed at some guys house for a couple days, they kicked us out but let our dog stay. been in a hotel ever since, changed rooms like once. it's like 40$ a day and 50$ on the weekend, which pretty much means borrowing and scraping every dime. I've still been able to go to work thank god, and i have actually started to accumulate money, it would be better if i didn't have insurance on a car i'm not even able to use. Hate work more and more each day.

I met some weird guy that talked to me for a couple hours one day about how he killed people so he owes the world. He was like a navy seal back in the day when nobody knew what they were. he was one of those crazy/ nice people. i think he actually loaned us money to pay for a night at the hotel.

I don't really miss anything about the internet other than music and the ability to look up a random thought/ info for games. I miss the old days of the internet where i could meet people all the time and talk to them forever. I don't even recall how i met these people, but i miss that. now it's like i meet people on here, find out just about everything about them and they become useless. I think all people are useless. Everyone can and will let you down, you cannot depend on anyone but yourself, even though you will let yourself down more often than others. SOrry I'm really drifting off. But Everything goes in a cycle some just have to restart it more often than others. I know that one day I will be alll happy again but until then i will be just fine.

Been thinking a lot about what iI want to do, what i want and so forth. I still have no clue. I could go into the airforce, get some schooling, and get a decent job. Or I could just move out to some random place and just try to start anew. I like the later personally. I've thought about california and new york, but i really don't know. I know people in these places but I don't know..

Well I have about a million other things to say but I don't feel like typing anymore and this is probably fucking huge.

Until next time true believers...

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