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A Simple Outside....

A fucked up Inside.

Maybe Memories
29 December
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Just like every other loser on Live Journal i do not know what to put here. Anything you want to know, feel free to message me.
As far as music goes I like mostly alternative rock. Favorite music being ska, followed by anything really heavy (punk, metal, industrial). I also love 80's pop. Techno sometimes. And anything with a really good beat (some rap songs). I just somehow connect with music when i hear it, seperating each distinctive rythm.
I sort of play bass. Well I have one but I never really touch it anymore these days. If anyone wants to teach me, or knows a good place, feel free to tell me. I played trombone in middle school. Haha.
I'm a nerd. Big on videogames and computers. One day I plan to have a computer related carreer. I really suck with it though. No worries, I'll be better some day.
I graduated class of 2004 from Robert Hungerford Preparatory High School, and I'm now working full-time at Insurance Office of America (www.ioa-insurance.com), I work in the I.T. department, I do basic PC, Printers, and sometimes network tasks (whatever the higher-ups don't feel like doing). I love my job and I actually love the feeling I get by the end of a busy/fufilling work day.

P.S. I don't work there anymore.

I'm always looking for new people just to talk with or be friends.

If I fall under any social stereotype it would more than likely be slacker. For some reason everyone thinks I'm going to go postal. They used to call that being shy. Oh well... Fuck em.